Friday, November 4, 2011


I just wanted to write a quick post to update everyone on the events of today. Let me first say that I have been BLOWN away by all the personal emails and comments that I have gotten over the course of the past few weeks.  Friends that I haven't seen in over 10 years reaching out just to let me know they're praying...simply blows me away. 

So, back to today...  It was as completely un-newsworthy as we'd hoped it would be.  Going into today, we knew it would go one of two different ways.  Dr. Gillis would either see scarred and damaged intestines which are obvious signs of celiac or she would see perfectly pink ones.  She saw the pink ones :)  This does not mean that there is no celiac disease, just that if there is, the damage is still microscopic and will have to be assessed under a microscope.  In her experience, she said it is very uncommon for her to see any evidence of celiac in a patient as young as Eli.

We will have to wait a week before the labs come back, which is nothing compared to the time since the word "celiac" first walked through our door back in the spring.  One thing I hadn't mentioned yet is that she had requested that we bring Jacob with us.  Celiac disease has a STRONG genetic component.  It is inherited from a parent, and, siblings have around a 30% chance of being celiacs as well.  While Jacob's bloodwork was not as alarming as Eli's, it is still questionable.  So, that, plus his short stature (20th percentile) along with Eli's blood results/symptoms raised some red flags.  After lunch, she met us in her office for 45 minutes as she examined Jacob and asked lots of questions.  She has worked it into her schedule to tag team with his pediatric orthopedic doctor next week during his surgery and will go in and do both an upper GI scope and a lower GI scope before his hip surgery.  Bless his heart!  The poor boy will be put through the ringer.  Also, she will deliver the results of Eli's labs to us at that time.  I think I'm safe in assuming that this hour will prove to be the one in which our little roller coaster car will have reached the peak and, in a blur and with a big WHOOOSH, it will come back down.


Does Eli have celiac?  To the naked eye, no.  To the lens of a high, powered microscope, possibly.  Our eyes are not designed to see the invisible but it doesn't mean it's not there.  I'm not going to pretend like I know what the plans that the Lord has for us are.  I often remind myself of something my mom said to me years ago during another time of uncertainty in my life, "Becky, the Lord has never failed to order every single one of your steps." 

I wish I could squint really hard and try to catch a glimpse at the darken path that lies ahead so that I can "be ready" for it.  But, there comes a time when I have to realize that my eyes, like Dr. Gillis' eyes, are not created with the ability to see the unseen, no matter how hard we try.  Only when the Lord chooses to illuminate what cannot be seen by our power alone, can we see the next step that He has marked for us.

We walk by faith, not by sight.

There is no room for fear.

I am getting tested today.  The results should  be back next Friday, 11-11-11...big day BUT an even bigger God.

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