Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Could Not Imagine

March 9, 2011 was one of those milestone days that only a momma would know.  On that day, Micah turned 16 months, 10 days old.  Though that particular age isn't one that would normally cause a mom to make note of, this momma did.  See, Eli was that exact same age the day we welcomed his baby sister into the world.  His position as the baby of the family abruptly ended on that day and he instantly became "the middle child".  Poor boy!

Looking at Micah on this day, at this age, I could not imagine dethroning her as the baby.  In fact, I think that it would almost be criminal.  Maybe it's because she's a girl...I don't know.   I've just seen the way that my usually calm, sweet, doesn't-get-upset-easily girl has reacted in the past couple of weeks when she sees her momma loving on anything smaller than her and, boy, she DOES NOT like it!  I first noticed this when my parents 3 pound dog jumped onto my lap and I scooped him up into my arms.  I suddenly heard her cry and looked down to see a very distraught, agonized look on her face as she was reaching up to me.  It took a second for the pings to register in my brain before I realized that she was JEALOUS of her mommy loving on a tiny little furball.  The next week brought another marked moment of pure agony as she watched me hold my newborn nephew.  Not even the lure of a french fry would calm her down.  The refusal of a french fry told me that this girl was serious because she has never met a fry that she didn't want.  And, finally, I knew for an absolute fact that I have a jealous girl on my hands when she crawled over and jerked her beloved baby doll out of my arms while I was pretending to love on it.  Over and over, I tested the poor girl and not once could she sit back and relax while mommy cradled a plastic doll.  Yep, I think we'd be in BIG trouble if the birth order had been reversed and she was #2 instead of #3.

Seeing her reactions has actually helped me better understand what was probably going on inside Eli's little mind when baby sister came home.  I've said many times this past year that he jumped straight into the terrible two's the week I came home from the hospital.  Now I get it.  While Micah doesn't like for me to divide my affection (her love language), Eli doesn't like me dividing my attention (his love language).  However, when it comes to one another, they would share mommy all day long.  Maybe it's because they know they have no other choice.  But, I like to think it's because they simply love one another that much.

I have been doubly blessed these past 16 months, 10 days.  My cup is full and so is my heart.  And, baby #4?  Not any time soon!!

Eli at 16 months, 9 days old
His last day of being the baby