Sunday, December 4, 2011

28 Gifts

The God who placed every single star in the sky and who measured the waters in the hollow of his hand has lovingly tended to every single detail of our lives.  There is not one area of our lives that He has not arranged so perfectly during this season.  If we took pictures of the everyday moments of Jacob's recovery, this is what you'd see:

Photo One:
The many who have rang our doorbell with hot meals in hand. The early evening chaos has been completely avoided. Family dinners are a highlight once again.

Photo Two:
My two best friends have come to stay, to help out, to encourage and to remind me how dearly loved I am for me just being plain old me; not anyone's nurse, nor mommy, nor wife. Just me; a girl I sometimes wonder what she has to offer, if anything, without those other hats on.

Photo Three:
Other dear friends have brought their children by to sit with Jacob, play a game, bring him a construction paper card or just to share a smile.  That is the best therapy for any little boy.

Photo Four:
My husband, aka Super Dad, has proven over and over again that his family comes first, even on days where I fail to pat him on the back.

Photo Five:
The joy and excitement of Christmas. The Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs we dance to and the 5 musical Christmas toys going off simultaneously in the living room. Clear lights hanging everywhere inside and outside the house. The music.  The crafts. The presents. The baby. The manger.

Photo Six:
My blog and the ability to share our story. The people it has touched. The people who have touched ME through it. The people I am praying for continually who don't even know it. There are a half dozen of you whom I am asking God to reveal Himself to through your circumstances. I pray His peace over you. I pray for an intimate, undeniable moment with you. I pray that you will know Him better because you have professed this very desire to Jason or myself. While the original purpose of my blog was to be able to reflect, record and always remember, a greater purpose has emerged.  My pastor said it best today:  "Experiencing God's glory is one thing. Sharing it with someone is another; it makes the joy complete."  My joy is complete when I hear how the Lord has used my circumstances to speak to you.

Photo Seven:
The ability to have undivided time with my oldest. Last January, I wrote a very personal blog that I did not publish. In it, I was feeling that the two years of back to back babies and the busyness that they brought into our world had created a distance between Jacob and I. The five years that he was the center of our world was long gone. My arms were now full of two littles ones, leaving no place for him. I pleaded for the Lord to redeem the years that the locusts had eaten in our relationship. This time is that redemption. This time is ours. Tomorrow, although I have somehow managed to pile up another "to do" list, I am laying it down. This is the time for puzzles, and stories, and board games, and cuddling and getting into his world. Jacob and fun mom. Not Jacob vs busy mom.

I already know that come January 2, the day he will get released for physical therapy, I will be somewhat sad. Christmas will be over, my boy will be on his feet and busy once again, Jason will be back on the road and traveling with his work and this chapter will be over. New adventures in 2012 will await us. But, I've got 28 days still. 28 individual gifts; gifts that allow us the opportunities to redeem the time, restore our bodies, recognize His birth and reflect on all He is doing in our lives.

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