Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I Would've Missed

Ahhh...I just want to say a big thank you Lord for 7pm bedtimes. Although the sun is still high in the sky, I insist on keeping bedtime the same. I have to for my sanity. This has been one of those days when both babies cried at the SAME time throughout the entire day and neither one wanted me more than 3 feet away from them. As much as I love them both, I need some reprieve!

Today, I have had ZERO adult conversation, didn't brush my teeth until 2:30, gave up on the idea of taking a shower, ate (or I should say drank) 2 meals consisting of Slim-Fast and a handful of animal crackers, yelled a little too loudly at Eli for breaking his sister's tiara, fed my children chicken noodle soup from a can for supper and managed to squeeze in some "me" time which allowed me to read 4 whole pages of my Beth Moore book (at this rate, I'll finish by November) . I would've taken everyone outside for fresh air, but that would've sent my allergies into a tailspin that would take me all night to recoup from. And, if I wasn't chasing after Eli (since we STILL don't have a fence), then I'd be picking up EVERY ball that he found in the garage and threw into the yard. So, it's a little simpler to stay inside and go stir crazy.

Well, bedtime is finally here and the chorus of "mommy, mommy, mommy" has died down. Instead of crashing on the couch, I have laundry to put away, floors to sweep, dishes to wash, toys to pick up and yes, a shower to take. But, I'm thankful to be lost in my thoughts and enjoy the blessed sound of silence. Looking back on my day, I don't see all that wears me out...I see all I would've missed had I not been here. I would've missed Micah sitting in the exersaucer for the first time, her first pair of baby leg warmers & her first taste of sweet potatoes. I would've missed Eli saying "sorry" for the first time to his baby sister after breaking her tiara while patting her on the chest over and over. I would've missed reading Pooh's "I See the Sun" book, drawing our whole family on a Magnadoodle, teaching Eli what a bird, pig and chicken say, singing "Jesus Loves Me" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," playing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Pat-A-Cake with Micah and hearing her giggle, kissing boo boos, snuggling and tickling.
I have a clear calling on my life and that is to stay at home with my children. Although I used to question that, I no longer do. It is one thing I am certain of and one thing that makes me content. I know my children will never look back and remember the day mommy didn't take a shower or brush her teeth until 2:30. They'll remember the songs, the giggles, the time and the love I gave to them. I know that is what I'm going to remember.
Micah's first leg warmers (or Baby Spanx as I call them):
A broken tiara and an apologetic brother:
Our Magnadoodled family:
A sleepy princess:
In awe of seeing images from the soother on the ceiling:

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